ADC > Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System (MDAS)

The Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System (MDAS)





● Regulations for use of the MDAS <-- Please read through before you apply for an account.
● Application for Use <-- To get a new account, and application for VPN, GID

How to use the MDAS

● User's GuidePDF <-- Last update: 18 April, 2019
● Quick Instruction (PDF) <-- A manual we sent to you when you got the account.
● FAQ <-- Frequently Asked Questions about the MDAS.
● Open-use rooms <-- An introduction to the open-use rooms.

Information of the MDAS

● Information from the ADC <-- Announcement to the MDAS users
● System Working Status <-- Current operational status of the MDAS
● Maintenance schedule <-- The maintenance schedule of the MDAS

Published Results using the MDAS

● Published papers <-- Publications using the MDAS (in Japanese)
● Description of acknowledgment <-- Example of an Acknowledgement