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Regulations for use of the MDAS

Account application

Get an account first when you would like to use the Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System (MDAS).

MDAS Account application

This application page accepts new account application and change of registration information (except for e-mail address).
If you would like to unlock your account after an annual account update period, please contact consult_(atmark)

To change registered E-mail address

To change your registered e-mail address, you have to do it by yourself on the system.
Please keep your registered email address up to date. It is very important because we use the address to inform you of essential information about the system.
[How to change E-mail]

Services available after account acquisition

VPN Service application

If you access the MDAS from outside of the NAOJ, you need a VPN connection.

We offer the VPN service dedicated to the MDAS for a non-NAOJ staff.
If you are a NAOJ staff having an e-mail address of "", you should use another VPN service provided by the network support team of NAOJ. See the following page.
Support site for NAOJ network users (Accessible only from inside NAOJ)

Group ID application

If you would like to share data with your research group, you can use GID.
Group ID (GID) User's Guide