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Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System

The ADC have operated the Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System (MDAS), which is an open-use computing system. This system is constructed in order to analyze astronomy data having various wavelengths. There are over one hundred pieces of software and it supports data reduction and analysis of astronomy data observed by various telescopes. The MDAS consists of computers and its peripherals, and the computers are classified with interactive data analysis servers, batch processing data analysis servers, terminal workstations, and remote login terminal computers. Out of these, the interactive data analysis servers are the main computer. Users access the servers with SSH connection and analyze data on these servers. Additionally, users can analyze astronomy data by using equipped computers and can print results on large format papers in open-use rooms in Mitaka campus.

Astronomical Data Archives Center

Astronomical Data Archives Center (ADAC) provides various services for using the astronomical data and catalogs for research and education more effectively and conveniently. Current operating services are SMOKA (Subaru-Mitaka-Okayama-Kiso-Archive system), ADS (Astrophysics Data System) mirror, VizieR (astronomical catalog service) mirror, and SkyMonitor Imaging Data Service System.

Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program (Cooperating with Subaru Telescope)

Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) is a wide-field optical imaging camera mounted at the prime focus of Subaru Telescope. ADC cooperates with Subaru Telescope by participating in development and commissioning of this instrument, especially in data analysis components, and is committed to distributing the HSC data to users. In the Subaru Strategic Program (SSP), an international survey program to sample a wide sky coverage using 300 nights with HSC, ADC has been contributing to developing data analysis software, conducting data processing, and hosting data releases of the processed data products. We plans to enhance the HSC data sets to offer a more valuable science archive by incorporating additional data sets from future instruments such as a new Subaru spectrograph (PFS). ADC also supports a data processing platform for openuse users to process a large volume of data sets like HSC data, and works for improvements of the system.

Japanese Virtual Observatory

Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO) system provides VO (Virtual Observatory) portal service, which enables users to search astronomical data in the world, and also provides dedicated search interface for the reduced data obtained by Subaru telescope, ALMA and Nobeyama radio telescopes, Gaia and AKARI space telescopes, and so on.

Lecture (Japanese Only)

The ADC holds lectures about how to use astronomy analysis software (such as IDL, IRAF/PyRAF, C, SQL, Jupyter notebook, etc.) for researchers and students investgating astronomy. Announcements are sent through mailing lists such as tennet. Textbooks are available in the lecture's webpage.

Astronomical Observation Data Service/ Analysis Portal

This portal site provides information about the astronomical data archive system and data analysis system operated by NAOJ.

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