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How to use AIPS on Data Analysis System

How to use AIPS on Data Analysis System

[All of Data Analysis System(Servers and Terminals)]
[Data analysis servers(anam* and anah*)]
[Terminal Workstations(alws* and sbws*)]

  • AIPS 31DEC15 is available after a maintenance Sep 2015.

We explain "How to use AIPS" on the data analysis system.

- The default setting is the configuration of AIPS 31DEC15.
31DEC12 is available after loading the configuration file (/usr/local/aips-31DEC12/LOGIN.[sh, csh]).

- You should enter "aips TV=local:0" command when executing AIPS.
If you enter "aips tv=local", TV server window of AIPS does not open.

- "User Data Areas" of 31DEC15 is set at "/var/lib/aips-31DEC15/DATA/LOCALHOST_1".
The area of 31DEC12 is not changed (/var/lib/aips/DATA/LOCALHOST_1).