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Gnuplot; Precautions for use

Gnuplot; Precautions for use

[All of Data Analysis System(Servers and Terminals)]
[Data analysis servers(anam* and anah*)]
[Terminal Workstations(alws* and sbws*)]

(After April 6, 2015)

Gnuplot in ADC analysis system: "How to use" and "Note"

[How to use]
Gnuplot 5.0.0 is default (/usr/local/bin/gnuplot).
Gnuplot 4.6.6 can be used when executing a "gnuplot4" command.
(We will create a symbolic link of "gnuplot4". Object of the
symbolic link is "/usr/local/gnuplot4/bin/gnuplot")

1. A default terminal on gnuplot version 4 and 5 is changed
  from "x11" to "qt".Please see below when you want to use "x11".

(gnuplot starting)
 gnuplot> set term x11

You can confirm available terminals in gunplot;

 gnuplot> help set term

2. Old macro files of gnuplot can not load to gnuplot version5
  because "set timefmt" format is changed in version5.

(EX: Error message)

  gnuplot> load "test.set"
       set timefmt z "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
       "test.set", line 21: expecting form for timedata input

(Work around)
- The old macro files load to gnuplot version4.
- Delete the following sentences in the old macro files.
  set timefmt z "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
  set timefmt y "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
  set timefmt x "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
  set timefmt cb "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
  set timefmt y2 "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
  set timefmt x2 "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"
- Change the (one) sentences to:
  set timefmt "%d/%m/%y,%H:%M"

3. When you execute "gnuplot" and use "qt" terminal in several hosts
  simultaneously, the error message, "QGtkStyle was unable to detect
  the current GTK+ theme", might be displayed.

  It is no problem to use "gnuplot" in many cases, however, "gunplot"
  terminate caused "Segmentation Fault" in rare cases.

 (Example of the rare case)
  After your terminal was changed from "qt", you change to "qt"
  terminal again.

  When you use a terminal except for "qt" (ex: wxt or x11),
  you can avoid the problem.