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Re-starting IDL after the forced termination

Re-starting IDL after the forced termination

[All of Data Analysis System(Servers and Terminals)]
[Data analysis servers(anam* and anah*)]
[Terminal Workstations(alws* and sbws*)]
[Batch processing analysis servers(bapm* and baph*)]

We report the points to be careful of when re-starting IDL after
the forced termination.

If you force-quit IDL(*), you may have a trouble to re-start it.

The IDL configuration file may be damaged due to the forced termination.
Consequently, IDL is not initialized and cannot be started.

The following two workarounds are available:
 - Rename "~/IDLWorkspace8?"
 - Rename "~/.idl"

(*) The followings are how to force-quit IDL:
 - Do the Ctrl+C on the command line
 - Use the kill command
  (use the option '-9' if it doesn't work without options.)

Note that both of the procedures can damage the configuration file.