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How to use Miriad on Data Analysis Systemの変更点

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!!! How to use Miriad on Data Analysis System
{{category All of Data Analysis System(Servers and Terminals)}}
{{category Data analysis servers(anam* and anah*)}}
{{category Terminal Workstations(alws* and sbws*)}}

We explain about configurations before using Miriad.

(EX: tcsh, csh)
alias  mirenv  "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad_start.csh" (for CARMA)
alias  mirenv-sma  "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-sma/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh" (for SMA)
alias  mirenv-ata  "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-ata/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh" (for ATA)
alias  mirenv-bima "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-bima/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh" (for BIMA)
alias  mirenv-gmrt "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-gmrt/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh" (for GMRT)
alias  mirenv-wsrt "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-wsrt/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh" (for WSRT)
alias  mirenv-atnf "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-atnf/miriad/MIR" (for ATNF)
(alias  mirenv-atnf2 "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-atnf2/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh" (for ATNF, old version))
alias  mirenv-fasr "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-fasr/miriad_start.csh" (for FASR)
alias  mirenv-lofar "source /usr/local/miriad/miriad-lofar/miriad_start.csh" (for LOFAR)

We set these aliases to the model of configuration files.
You have to execute the alias first when you would like to start Miriad.

(EX: Starting Miriad for SMA)
% mirenv-sma  ==> configuration script for SMA
% miriad
Miriad% task smauvspec

- Miriad does not start without executing the configuration scripts.

- A task does not run correctly if you do not execute a proper configuration script (EX: smauvspec)

- (NOTE: Oct 22, 2014)
"Miriad for ATNF" will be corrected because some tasks are not executed.
The binary version of "Miriad for ATNF" will be installed and set default
on a maintenace of November, 2014.
An old version of "Miriad for ATNF" is available using "mirenv-atnf2" alias.