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How to use GILDAS on Data Analysis Systemの変更点

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!!!How to use GILDAS on Data Analysis System
{{category All of Data Analysis System(Servers and Terminals)}}
{{category Data analysis servers(anam* and anah*)}}
{{category Terminal Workstations(alws* and sbws*)}}
{{category Batch processing analysis servers(bapm* and baph*)}}

Update: 2015 Aug 26

After periodic maintenance on 2015 Sep 7, GILDAS is available on all hosts (servers and terminal workstations).

To use GILDAS, you should execute following command on a terminal,
After execution, you can use GILDAS only on the terminal.

You can skip the execution by hand, by appending the command in your shell configuration file 
(~/.bash_profile  for bash,  ~/.login for csh/tcsh).