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Can I use IRAF v2.14 on data analysis system?の変更点

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!!! Can I use IRAF v2.14 on data analysis system?
{{category All of Data Analysis System(Servers and Terminals)}}
{{category Data analysis servers(anam* and anah*)}}
{{category Terminal Workstations(alws* and sbws*)}}

You can use IRAF v2.14 on analysis servers anam[11-16] and anah[08-10].

   - IRAF v2.14.1
   - stsci_iraf 3.15(including STSDAS/TABLES 3.15)

Note that MCSRED works normally on IRAF v2.14 but dose not work well on IRAF v2.16.
If you want to use MCSRED, you must work on servers anam[11-16] or anah[08-10] 
in which IRAF v2.14 is installed.