8.1 About open-use rooms

Open-use rooms are provided in order to support users and their researches. These rooms are located in the South building and Subaru building in the Mitaka campus. Users can analyze astronomy data using workstations and make posters using large-format printers. Every afternoon from Monday to Friday, an operator is in each open-use room and supports users.

Note that the ADC also manages the machines and printers in the ALMA building room 101, but the room is owned by NAOJ Chile observatory. You need to get permission from NAOJ Chile observatory before entering the room. Please ask NAOJ Chile observatory if you have any question about the room 101.

Table 8.1: List of open-use rooms
  South building open-use room A and B Subaru building open-use room
Place 2F, South building 1F, Subaru building
Extension number 3578 3505
Opening hours of operator desk At 13:00 - 17:30 from Monday to Friday
Usable machines Remote login terminal computers (13 units), Shared computers (4 units), A3 printers (2 units), Large-format printers (3 units) Terminal workstations (13 units), Shared PCs (3 units), A3 printer (1 unit), Large-format printer (1 unit)