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VPN Service Application

This is the application page for the VPN service dedicated to the Multi-Wavelength Data Analysis System.
If you are a member of NAOJ (you have a mail address of @nao.ac.jp), you can not use this VPN service.
You should use the VPN service provided by the network support team in NAOJ.
(It can access whole NAOJ networks besides of the analysis systems.)
Support site for NAOJ network users (Accessible only from inside NAOJ)

VPN Service Application

To access from the outside of NAOJ, you need to use a VPN service.
You have to submit the form below to start using the MDAS/ADC VPN service.

* Please read the "VPN service use rule" before application. VPN service use rule
* Here are the requirements of the VPN client software.
* If you don't have an account of the system yet, apply for an account first.
* If you are a VPN registered user and would like to re-download a VPN client, please contact consult (atmark) ana.nao.ac.jp.

(ex. Nohara Shin'nosuke)
(ex: someone@example.net)
(ex: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan )
(ex: Professor)

Please tell us your OS and installed Antivirus Software (mandatory).

(ex: Windows 10 Home (64bit))
(ex: ESET Endpoint Antivirus)