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The Multi-Wavelength Data Analysis System
Group ID (GID) Application

The purpose of group-ID

Users on the system can create and use a new group-ID (GID) to work with research collaborators by data (file) sharing.

Approval and update of group ID use

  1. The group-ID is granted to users who have already a user account of ADC computer system.
  2. The group leader and sub-leader are required.
  3. As a general rule, the group-ID will expire at the end of the fiscal year in which you started using.
  4. If you need to continue using it in the next year, do an update procedure which is informed by the administrator group.

Prohibition of group ID diversion

The user cannot use the group ID for any purpose other than the intended purpose and cannot grant the use of the group ID to a third party other than the research group.

Addition and deletion of a member, deletion of the group

The group leader can submit an application to add and delete a group member and delete group itself.
When the group leader is not able to submit it, the sub-leader can submit instead.

Group ID (GID) Guide]

How to use group-ID

Application classification
    New Add

  [Delete] Delete group, Delete user
    * In preparation. mail us if you need.

    # NOTE
    - [New]: Create a new group
    - [Add]: Add users to your group
    - [Delete group]: Delete your group
    - [Delete user]: Delete users from your group

Group name
    # NOTE
    - In case [New], enter new group name you hope
    - In case [Add], enter your group name

User account(s) to be registered
    # NOTE
    - In case [New], include the applicant (leader) account.
    - When there is more than one account to be registered, separate the accounts by a space.

Applicant (group leader) information

(ex. Nohara Shin'nosuke)
(ex. someone@example.net)
   * Enter the E-mail address registered on the system.
(ex. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
(ex. Professor)

Purpose of the application, and the information of the sub-leader (Name, Account, Institution etc;)
*) The following is an entry example (modifiable)

Comments (optional)